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Need advice, will these XD wheels fit

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I am looking at getting a set of 2016 OEM XD wheels with tires. I have a 07 titan and was wondering if these will interchange. I know there have been some changes from the different years, but don't want to pull the trigger if these won't fit. They XD wheels are 18" 6x5.5 as are my stock alloy wheels, but wasn't sure if the offset is the same or studs. Any one try it?
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The XD uses 14MM studs and MAG seat wheels with ~6" backspacing and same 77.8MM centerbore, simple answer to your question is they won't fit without an adapter. BORA makes an adapter to go 14MMx1.5 down to the 12MMx1.25 that the Gen1 and non-XD trucks use, which will also help with the large backspacing on the XD wheels.
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