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Need help! - (BFG, Nitto, or Cooper LTZ)

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I need help deciding which tires you guys would recommend and think would fit. I have 18x9 mb express' and a 2" leveling kit. pictures and size specs would be great. also im on a budget, so the biggest for the least $.
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Well, what do plan on doing with your truck?

I ask this all the time...In my case I don't go in the mud, why in the world would I buy mud tires?
Yea I forgot to mention that. I'm looking for an AT, nothing hardcore, maybe a 33". any suggestions?
If nothing hardcore, and a decent price, look at some of the passenger rated AT's like the Kumho and Bridgestone AT Revo, in a 265/65/18
For around $200 each plus shipping and installation you can get the Kumho in a 33" LT325/60/18.
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