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Need help hooking up the Audiovox Sirius FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter

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Need some help hooking up my radio to a FM direct adapter so I can listen to Sirius static free. I have an 08 Titan with the base model stereo. I bought the Audiovox Sirius FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter (which states is a direct plug in for this model truck) however my radio has the Nissan type antenna plug in. So, I bought an adapter cable on line that is supposed to convert from a standard coax to the Nissan coax ( Metra 40-NI12 ). The only issue is the only plug they sell is the female plug going into the antenna. I also need the male plug than goes into the radio. Does anyone know where I can get this plug, I've checked with several radio/stereo shops with no avail?