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Need help,horn switch stuck

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Does anyone know how to remove the steering wheel cover? I had to disconnect the horns because they kept coming on by themselves. People on the street would stare at me like I was crazy. I want to remove the steering wheel, or airbag cover to see if I can fix the problem, but I'm afraid to break it if I pull on it. Is there any special way to remove it or just pull on it????
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do a search I know that I have seen how to remove it somewhere, it does not just come off, it is a fairly involved process, the only thing I can think of is you got a quarter or something stuck in there and when you turn it makes gets stuck in between the contacts.
I finally got the steering wheel cover off, no special tools needed, two screws behind the steering wheel, the horn switch was ok. I put it back together and worked fine for a few hours until I locked the doors using the remote, then the horn went off for about 15 sec. The problem is the relay, it is probably getting stuck.
I'll bet you did get quite a few looks, probably made a few people jump also. LOL. Hope you get it fixed OK.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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