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No rebates or incentives out there for now on this truck unlike the big 3 who are discounting pretty substantially right now.

You don't say where your from so its kinda hard to point you maybe to a dealer where others got 'their' deals.

Ours is the 2WD KC SE with the following Pkgs: Off Road, Big Tow, Pop Bench and Utility Bed. MSRP was 28,7XX and we got it for $1400 under that.

Do an MSRP check on or or etc for the model and options your looking at. Since your specifying XE you might get pretty close to invoice as these 'base' trucks are harder for the dealer to move than the SE and LE models.

Lastly - "Right now I'm paying $378.23 on my Ram. I'm hoping I could maybe come out cheaper or least the same. " This is really going to depend on how much your putting down and how far upsidedown you are in the current truck as well. Multiplying your current payment by 60 mo is equivelent to $24k WITHOUT any interest and thats not even the price of the Titan so if thats your thoughts, your not going to come out 'cheaper or the same'.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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