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Hello All,

Newbie to the sight here. Well after many trips to the shop & one last one hopefully, I will getting rid of my current lemon truck. It's a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 QC 4x4 with the HEMI. This truck is not even a year old yet with only 11k miles and I've had the following problems.

Poor Factory Paint (Cab had to repainted)
Two pitted rims (Replaced for now & the other two are starting to pit)
Two blown front door speakers (replaced)
Powertrain Control Module (Flashed for Stalling Problem)
Both Front Door Seals Replaced
Valvetrain is noisy (possibly bad set of valves in engine)
Wiper Arm Rust (Factory Didn't paint part of of it)
Now a possible blown power steering pump or bad rack & pinion.

I would buy another Dodge but, looking at the problems everyone has been having with these trucks I'm really considering getting a Titan hoping that I will somehow come out better. Also, DC is selling a time bomb with these trucks. They know there is a problem with the rear axle breaking. Just go over to dtw.truckmoxie & type in axle failures for the search. You'll see a lot of cases now.

Anyways, I'm considering getting a 04 Nissan Titan Xtra Cab 4x4 XE with the Off Road Package & bedliner. I'm wondering what everyone is paying for their trucks. The reason why I'm asking is because I'm soon to be a college student & I don't want a really big truck payment. On the the other hand though I also want something that I don't have to take into the shop so often & with DC cutting out quality I'm looking for something decent that I can keep for at least 7 or 8 years. Right now I'm paying $378.23 on my Ram. I'm hoping I could maybe come out cheaper or least the same.
Some of you may be asking why a truck for a college guy? Well, I don't like care because most of them are unsafe at least the smaller ones anyways & I need a truck to haul stuff around. So, what does everyone think. Really need some help here to what type of incentives and rebates is out there as I am in the military for now.

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