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I have an 08 kc se. I have no power going to only the window switches. The passenger side switch is not working either. Any suggestions would be awesome. I tried looking for the fuse and they all look good so idk what it is and have no idea where the relay is.

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sounds like a bad earth, make sure your grounds are snug.

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Are you sure you have not tuned the "lock-out" switch on - it disables the other window controls. I have accidentally hit mine before while locking the doors.

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link: National correction, has been issued (edit: SN034)

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Man, what a dumbass I can be. All windows but the driver one on my CK 2007 stopped working. Looked at the fuse (damn those have changed) as was ready to take it to a dealer and then read on here about the lockout button. That was it! Dooout!
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