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Need help on 05 CC purchase

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Looking for some help from you guys. Looking to purchase and 05 Titan CC LE with Nav/DVD. Truck is black on black w/42k miles. It's located at a BMW dealership and they are asking 20,900. What should I look for? Is 20,900 a good price? TIA.

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Without Tow package and 2wd that is in the middle of the value from trade in and retail on truck that is in superb condition, It's right at the private party value. You still have the balance of the 60K powertrain warranty and if you like the truck and it's worth it to you then go for it. Keep in mind Nissan is all ready giving $5000 cash back and many dealers will match that. That's $10000 rebate on a new 2008 truck. You can get in to a CC SE 2wd for just few thousand more. with the rebates it's win win when buying new.
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