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Need help picking out some 22's

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Hello, first post here. :) I was wonderin' if I could get some help pickin' out some 22's for '06 titan (navy). I'm lookin' to spend around $2000 for 'em, hopfully not that much more. If anyone has some good pictures/links to some titans with 22's on 'em, i'd love to see 'em. But please help me out with picking out my future 22's :)

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Here is AF-Medic mentioned...22" Granite Alloy GA3.6. Pix was taken right after install, truck was dirty and no armour all...sorry. But, I have receive many compliments, they go with the "blockiness" of the Titan, IMO. But, I prefer to be the only Titan with them if you don't I know there maybe others...but they aren't in the AK and I hope there aren't many in San Antonio, TX when I get

Good luck...BTW...about $2500, mounted, balanced, with tire sensors with Titan freq, and shipped to AK. If I was in the lower 48 shipping would have been half, it was about $350 here and without sensors you will save another $256.00


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Check my sig...although tire rack recommends the 295/50's I believe. I got the 305's as I believe it gives me a little more side wall. I have the OR package and the stock wheels and tires were 33" and my 22" with 305's is about 32.8" so it was the closet I could get.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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