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Need help spindle install

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While trying to put strut back on 2 of us pressed down on lower control arm with legs and feet.. The lca seemed to go limp and was no longer giving resistance and would move up and down easily. Did we break something?
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let me explain more i was on my phone when i posted above.. 1st off this is my first time and my brother in laws to install something like this.. Well let me tell ya we spent from 12:45 till 7:15 screwing around on the front driver side ....
Ok we were trying to re install the strut and my brother and i both had our feet on the lca pressing down while another guy was trying to put the lower strut in .. well when we were pressing down the lca just went limp and fell a few inches without us having to press down.. Is this bad?
We went ahead with installing everything and had the spindle on but we could not get the tie rod back on the spindle (We swapped tierod ends).. We used a jack to jack up the lca hoping it would go high enough to slide the tierod end thru the bottom of the spindle still needed about and inch more of hieght. Does the tierod end go in from the bottom up or top down on the new spindle? I thought i read that a min ago? Also the long bolt that slides in the bottom of the spindle has no thread after my brother tried to back it out.. I need new bolt. Also stripped one of the nuts that goes onto the swaybar (i think its the swaybar) that connects to the lca it is has two rotating bolts with rubber boots on them.. Anyway we had a rough time with this install. The tierods were a ***** to break loose and i mean a ***** but finally were able to break em. But i just need to know about the lca not springy anymore.
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sounds like you did not disconnected the sway bar end link and you managed to spin the sway bar if this is the case its no big deal just disconnect the sway bar end links spin the bar back around and re connect the links. One word of advice leave the links disconnected till your done with the strut install
well we are probably going to have to either rethread on of the swaybar endlinks or buy a new one. Also when connecting the tierod to the new spindle does it go in the way i was before or from the top down?
ok im needing to replace the long bolt that connects the bottom of the spindle and lower control arm. The bolt goes in sideways not up and down. That bolt is completely stripped out. Going to check with napa to see if they have something equal. Dealer has it but i have to buy 5 at a time and they are $5 a piece... May have to buy a new sway end link $41 cause it is also kinda stripped. May be able to save it by using a die.
When reinstalling the tierod to the Cst spindle does it go in like stock or from the top down?
You are supposed to swap sides on the tie rod end links. drivers side goes to p-side and p-side goes to drivers side
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we did swap sides and were able to finish the front driver and passenger side. The only thing that bothers me is the tierod endlinks were facing straight up and down before the install and now they both (Both sides) are at an angle. Is that how they should be after everything is set up? Also my driverside lca is lower to the ground than the passenger side. Remember a few post up we pressed down with our feet on the lca when the sway end links were still attached and the lca went limp without the spring pressure it had originally. We did uninstall the sway end links and redo the everything the correct way just want to make sure that nothing is screwed up with the driver side lca and swaybar endlinks not straight up and down at this time. Also we attempted to put my 20" xd badlands on and the stock up bolts dont really stick out a lot. Had a very hard time just trying to screw the lug nuts on due to how deep the holes are. Even with a deep well socket. Nothing ever goes smoothly for me.. 4hr install equals several day or more maybe.. :confused:
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