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Need help with 2007 Titan 4 inch CTS Performance Lift.

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I was told I cannot buy the current struts I have now. The shocks have oil leaking at the air fitting, so the internal seals are shot. I'm waiting on a quote to rebuild the shocks right now. Any one know of a place I might be able to source some replacement that will accommodate a 4 inch lift? The holes are 16 inches center to center.


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Any standard length strut (i.e. Bilstein 5100 or Bilstein 4600) will work with the Maxtrac or CST lift spindles. Any standard length coilover will work (i.e. Icon, King, Radflo, etc.). Any offroad shop should be able to rebuild those. Alot of people ship their coilovers to "Down South Motorsports" here in San Diego for rebuilds. That looks like a 2.0" body coilover. A 2.5" body coilover would be a nice upgrade.
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