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Need help!

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I bought a 2006 2wd Titan KC with a 15'' full throttle suspension lift and 3'' body lift with 40x15.50 toyos.

I recently bought some 49'' super swamper iroks to replace the 40s. after talking to some friends im concerned about my gear ratio and my axles, since i bought it already lifted im not sure if they were upgraded and if not should they be, to support the extra rotating mass that the 49s are gonna have?

I dont have a lot of knowledge with vehicles so any suggestions on what i can do to support the 49s is greatly appreciated!!!
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If you already had 40's, and the guy put that much money into lift and tires, i wouldn't have a doubt in my mind he regeared it, most likely 4.56's, and with 49" tires, i would regear it, not a must, but i would recommend it imo.
is there any way of knowing if its been re-geared?
Take it to a shop? I dont know much about gearing etc, so i wouldn't know how to DIY it. Hope someone else can shine some light on this.
Record your RPM at 60 mph and do the 4th grade math.

2.94 OEM gears on OEM tires = 1500 rpm @ 60 mph

3.36 OEM gears on OEM tires = 1750 rpm @ 60 mph
Did they give it to you as long as you would fuel it lol?
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