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Need help.

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I need a tip on how to tighten a nut on a ball joint spindle and NOT make the spindle turn.

I'm installing my leveling kit and trying to tighten the nut on the ball joint spindle but the nut snagged 1/4 way and I cant either tight or loosen the nut. The spindle just turns.
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take a big dead blow hammer, and smack the top of the ball joint-while you are tightening the nut.....or use a regular hammer and cover the object being hit with wood.....You can also find a prybar and wedge the tie rod so the spindle makes contact and locks in ......Hope this helps-good luck----PS hopefully you are using an air gun...
Nope, no air tools. Weird thing though. After I posted my question, I went back out to try it again. Wouldn't you know, the spindle didn't turn. I turned the nut a few more times and the spindle started to move a little again. What I did was I waited 5 seconds and jerked the ratchet and the spindle didn't move. I waited a few seconds again and jerked the ratchet again and the spindle remained without movement. I continued this till I had it down and torqued. Anyone care to explain why it worked this way? Why would the spindle turn one minute and not turn the next without any change to the suspension assembly position?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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