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Need new ring and pinion

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i have a 2004 4X4 off road king cab that i am rebuilding the rear end on. I ordered a detroit truetrac 913a582 for the rear end along with races and bearings. Shop said my ring and pinion is damaged and will also need to be replaced. I understand i cannot upgrade the rear gears to 3.73 something about the front has to turn same speed as the rear??

where/what can i get one of these ring and pinion? should i stick with the 3.36 gears just to be safe?

can i upgrade the rear gears without doing the front and retain 4x4?
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When I was looking, I found them in the following but I never did purchase.

Scroll down a bit and you will see Spicer (stock) and Yukon ring and pinions.

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