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Ok so I started the above thread and it is because my AC & Heater COntrol Assy is bad and I am trying to find a new one with out paying the dealer $300+ to fix it, I found the following part on ebay but was wondering is it compatiable with my 04 4x4 CC SE or do I need a different one. I only ask because I have found to different part #'s for this thing depending on year range. I've seen 27500-8S211 for 03 and 04 Production time frames and then see 27500-ZH11B for 04 - 06 production time frames please help I need heat lol

GENUINE NISSAN TITAN A/C & HEATER CONTROL 2005 2006 OEM - eBay (item 190472021314 end time Feb-21-11 15:46:51 PST)

says this is for 06 +

and this says 08& 09

08 09 Nissan Titan Heater A/C Control Unit OEM LKQ - eBay (item 190495908129 end time Feb-27-11 04:05:22 PST)

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BUMP ..... Surely someone here on TT can help me with this ... I got to get this fixed
I'm a year late - sorry..

I have the same problem with my 04 king cab and found this thread when I googled the part number 27500-8S211. The entire unit looks to be around $230 +shipping - which really pisses me off since I know it's just a busted piece of plastic inside.. So after staring at the entire unit long enough, I figured out how to get it apart and actually found the broken plastic part. I'll post pictures a little later, but long story short, if you are patient and take it apart slowly, you can find and fix this problem.
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