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The other day I was installing nerf bars, and when I pulled my truck out of the garage I found a few drips on the floor. It was transmission fluid. I found the leak coming from the transmission cooler hoses, and after researching on here found out that it's a rather common problem. No big deal, easy fix thanks to this website.
But the next day, I find oil on the ground. After some more research here, I found out that the O-ring behind the oil cooler goes bad often. So, I got one from the dealer yesterday and installed it today, only to find out on the drive home that it's leaking worse. I took it to a shop in town, and he said he thinks it's cracked or has a small hole in the cooler itself.

What I need help with is this: I need to order the part tomorrow in order to get it fixed before I leave for school next week. The dealer wants $331.00 plus another $33.00 just for the stud bolt, he says I have to have both.

Here's my other two options:
Courtesy Parts has it for $254.73
Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories -[21305]+\(A60&cPath=1244_1245_1267_1271

Another option is an aftermarket radiator type oil cooler:
Oil - Auto Parts Warehouse Cooler
The radiator is $130 and the adapter is $50.. It would be alot cheaper and the overnight shipping is also cheaper.
My question is has anyone installed one of these? Or would anyone even recommend trying this, or just spending the money on the OEM one?
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