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Need quick rear diff help

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Had a shop take the cover off the rear diff on my 2006 4WD Titan to diagnose a whine/grinding noise.

Confirmed as spider gear issues, Ring and Pinion are fine.

Is this the TrueTrac I want?

Detroit Truetrac Posi Nissan Titan All Ratios 913A582 - eBay (item 220419915195 end time Mar-13-11 09:39:17 PDT)

I will also be replacing carrier bearings and races, as well as servicing axle seals since we're in there.

Just want confirmation on the part above. Thanks!
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It says '93-'05, which is confusing, but its the right part number and mentions the 32 splines.
Nope, no e-locker, so not as involved as it could be.

In hearing about how the TrueTrac performs, I may feel like I have a locker after installation.
I was all set to go - I thought. The shop that inspected the differential seemed willing to do the work (install TrueTrac, replace all bearings, seals, and races, service axle seals) but today they tell me "we can't get these parts - Nissan will only sell the whole differential, carrier and all, or sell whole axle assemblies - $2K plus.

So how do I find a shop that trusts the parts I bring in? I told the guy I am just copying what other Titan owners have done with success, I took the damn PDF off this site that lists part numbers and they won't use them since they aren't Nissan parts and can't warranty their work. Kind of ridiculous.
Why would I use the Timken Set 10 axle bearings and not the ones from Nissan? It's 2 X $23 instead of 2 x $59, so I'd like to use the Timken for sure if the quality is comparable. I think I need a Nissan Axle Seal part number....

I am going to get every damn part needed and find a shop that will put them on. Hopefully I don't have to shop around - I guess I should find a place that specializes in drivetrain work.
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