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Need quick rear diff help

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Had a shop take the cover off the rear diff on my 2006 4WD Titan to diagnose a whine/grinding noise.

Confirmed as spider gear issues, Ring and Pinion are fine.

Is this the TrueTrac I want?

Detroit Truetrac Posi Nissan Titan All Ratios 913A582 - eBay (item 220419915195 end time Mar-13-11 09:39:17 PDT)

I will also be replacing carrier bearings and races, as well as servicing axle seals since we're in there.

Just want confirmation on the part above. Thanks!
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Do any of you know if this Detroit Truetrac Posi Nissan Titan 913A582 will also fit a 2011 Titan? I am looking for a solution to the terrible open diff and ABLS but the posts of bolts backing out is giving me second thoughts. I plan to drive this truck 20k miles per year and don't want to stress about the diff.

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