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Need some brakes.

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I have a 04 Titan with a 8" lift, 345/60/20 tires and stock brakes.
What do you guys recommend for a good big brake upgrade. The truck will be used for weekend driving. Minimal off road.
I just inherited this truck and I don't know much about this truck. I'm just now learning more and more about it.
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I have slotted and drilled ones on all 4. I got them from Rotor pros on ebay and have been absolutely impressed with the change they have made. I've had them on for about 26k now and towed with them(my 8k camper)and absolutely not one single issue. They are stock sized, accept stock pads, and are drilled with smaller holes than the average supplier to negate weakness or stress cracks. Excellent product IMO.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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