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Need some brakes.

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I have a 04 Titan with a 8" lift, 345/60/20 tires and stock brakes.
What do you guys recommend for a good big brake upgrade. The truck will be used for weekend driving. Minimal off road.
I just inherited this truck and I don't know much about this truck. I'm just now learning more and more about it.
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Check out They've got some really nice brake rotors. If you want the "big one's" be prepared $$$. Personally, when i upgrade mine. I think i'm going to go with their Pillar Vane (Slotted Only) Sport Rotors. But, if you've got the $$$ their Big Brake Kit is killer!
That's good to hear. I've heard to buy the (slotted only) ones, over the (slotted & drilled). So what setup did you have that gave you the trouble? Wow, those StopTechs are BAD!!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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