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Need some help with my lift

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As you may or may not know I purchased and installed a used Pro Comp Stage 2 lift that I got on a killer deal. Only problem is that the coil overs need to be rebuilt pretty bad but I am sick of dealing with 4wheel parts and their lack of concern for customers (such as promising to call me about pricing to get my coil overs rebuilt a month ago and still haven't called even with me reminding them). Does anyone have an idea of how much getting them rebuilt should cost me id love to get some SAWs but on the broke college kid budget it doesn't work out that way. Also, I was wondering if getting CST UCA would be cheaper than TC UCA cause of the same reason and i dont do much offroading other than pismo so CST will be fine. Any help is appreciated and sorry if i took up your time with this.
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Don't know much about the rebuilding of your shocks.

TC doesn't make arms for the Titan any longer. You might find a used set here in the buy/sell section, but aside from that, your best bet is the ones that PRG now offers, which are completely adjustable.
you might want to try calling procomp directly and let them know that particular shop isn't taking care of you......even though they own 4wheel parts, it's not like this is the first complaint about their C/Os .......

don't waste your much needed college fund on CST arms, no added benefit.....if you can't afford Greg's or a used set of chaos arms, just keep it stock, it's the same as having CSTs
Thanks for the advice so far would you guys know what causes the c/o to make a loud popping noise whenever i turn the wheel?
It might not be the c/o. It could be the spindle's steering stops rubbing on the lower a-arm contact points.
I shaved the stops off when i installed the lift
The Pro Comp coilovers are junk. It's in your best interest to replace them as soon as you can. You're going through all this trouble to rebuild them, and guess what, you're going to have to do it all over again in the near future.
Yea thats about the point that i am at right now thats why i want to get the SAWs a buddy of my room mates used to work for them so he is going to see what he can do for me cause of my situation
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