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need some help

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Just wondering how well some bfgoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 305/65r18's would fit on my 08cc titan. Its 2wd with prg 2in lvlin kit. Rims are the mb chaos 6 18x9 rims. If not what are some good tires to get to fill up the wheel well but not have to worry about rubbing. any help would be great.
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You can run 305 65 18 falken wild peak from discount tire for $195 a tire. They are good all terrain tires with a 50k warranty and depending on your off set, my MB Razors are at a 0 and I could run a 325 60 18. They are roughly the same height as the 305 65 18s but about an inch wider. They run $204 to 225 atire on the 325 60 18 wild peaks. And 230 a tire for the nitto terras. I know bf goodrich tires are nice but they are too expensive and to me, they wear out just as fast.
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