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need some help

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Just wondering how well some bfgoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 305/65r18's would fit on my 08cc titan. Its 2wd with prg 2in lvlin kit. Rims are the mb chaos 6 18x9 rims. If not what are some good tires to get to fill up the wheel well but not have to worry about rubbing. any help would be great.
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So just sothat i understand this right. if i get the bfg's id have todo the pinch weld mod? And from what the pic looks like its just cut that one corner off and lose the mud flaps?
So just to be clear with the +25mm offset just losing the flaps will work with chance of cutting some metal?
So i Called discount tire and they told me that to do that tire i would have to get an 18x9.5 rim with like +67 offest. Doesnt seem right to me.
so just went by discount tire and picked up the 18x9 with the 25 offset with the bfgoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO 305/65/18 . will go back next saturday when they come in.
hey norcal just got my wheels and tires and with the size i went i will have to take off the mud flaps and the pinch weld mod most likely will be done just because its close enough.
here is a pic will get better ones later today


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