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I recently got under my truck to check out the exhaust, and noticed facing up towards my bed a huge rusted hole in the Y area of the muffler on the out side. It is a dual in and Y-out. Any opinions on what to get? One place where I got an estimate said they can cut off the rust area and just redo the Y, but I'd rather get a new muffler all together. I know flowmaster is a great/trusted brand. I want it to have a deep nice purr to it.

I also will be getting the muffler shop to bend my pipes so they will be under the back fenders around the rear bumper area (instead of going straight behind the truck like it is now). Also will be getting new steel tips as the ones on there now aren't stainless since they are rusting as well.

I went to three muffler places around the area and I have estimates that ranges from around $280 (for a mello-tone) to $350-450 for flowmaster, and this includes the pipe bends and new tips. Not sure where to start here guys...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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