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Need some opinions!

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I already have dual exhaust. I want to put headers, a chip, and a supercharger in it along with a cold air intake system. Also a 6 inch lift.

Any Problems with headers, superchargers with titans?

also what are the best brands for the lift and performance parts!!?!
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sounds like a good combo there - of you go with headers be sure to get ceramic coated ones since you will be producing more heat under the hood with the blower set up

JBA specifically has a set of headers with a Titanium coating that would work well on a supercharged application

As far the chip goes you might have to go with a custom tune with the blower installed, most aftermarket chips do not have a program designed to work with a blower install

If you want to know more you can always give me a call direct

800-830-3377 x125

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