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Need spicer front u-joint part number

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Need a set of U-joints for the front driveshaft and there seems to be some conflicting info when I searched the forums.

Just need to know if it is 1310x or 1350x (I believe one number is for the front joints and the other is for the rear joints).

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greased or sealed?

Front: 5-153X
Rear: 5-178X

Front: 5-785X
Rear: 5-799X

personally I put the greasable units in but I haven't called spicer yet to see if I can get the replacement bolts too. It says in the service manual to replace the hardware when replacing the u-joints. :dunno: If not red loctite.
Thank you for the numbers, going with the grease fittings, I seem to get about 40k on the OEM ones. Glad I asked about the numbers, the spicer parts site listed both the ones in my post- just not which was for front or rear. Now I'm wondering why I was so far off?
Just ordered a pair of the greased 5-153x joints. What was confusing is I had also seen 1310 as the part number in some of the posts. When I ordered them, the 5-153x were also listed as the 1310 "series".

Clear as mud, but if they fit- all is good.

Thanks again for the help.
I work with a drive line shop for my dad's commercial vehicles. I have them processing my order today and I'll see if they have any questions. I should also have an answer about whether or not the hardware is available and what needs to be replaced.

I think I got 78xxx out of this set. I did have my front differential replaced about 2 years ago and I don't think they replaced the front driveshaft. The rust indicated that it's been on my truck the whole 10 years :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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