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Need Suggestion For An Upgraded Front Shock!!!

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Hey All,

I just recently got a hold of a 2" mini lift and I was wanting some suggestions as to wat kind of shock i can use for the front to replace the oem shock. Figured something that can handle to extra couple of inches. I just need some suggestions and help. Thanx.

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Bilsteins are the popular choice on here for OEM replacements. You could get the Bilstein HD's for a direct replacement, or the 5100's for another 1/2" of lift. What are the specs on your truck? (year, 4x2/ 4x4)
Ya Greg from PRG suggested the bilistens HD for a direct replacement, i was just curious if there was any others that would work well with the 2" minilift. I've got an 04' 4x4 LE king cab
2" is the max lift on a 4x4 before you get coil bucket contact, in most cases, so the HD would be your best option.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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