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need to compress coils on PRG leveling kit?

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I was looking at some pix of a guy that put the PRG mini lift on his titan. He showed that he had to compress the coil springs on the front to put them back into place. Is this nessicary? I figure if it is for the mini lift, it is also for a leveling kit since they both use the block on top of the strut... maybe you guys know....
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Blackbeauty said:
The spring compressor may have been needed if he was changing out the front shocks at the same time as putting the leveling kit on it. Usually that's the only time you'd need spring compressors on the front struts.
Unless he was just retarded and was too lazy to pop the UCA, sway bar and pull the spindle out of the way. If you can compres the strut assembly, I'd bet you could just unbolt it by itself. It would be difficult though!
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