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Need two gently used stock tires in San Antonio area.

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I'm kinda in a bind right now, and can't really Afford 400$. I need two of the Goodyear wrangler SA-R 265/70-18. If anyone has a decent pair for reasonable, that would be great.
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Just a thought. I live in cypress. NW houston. Am trailering to Bandera this friday. (motorcycle get together) april 15th
If you get me the tires I could transport them with me to either bandera, you pick them up there this weekend or could meet friday on my way there before noon or so on the 1604 loop.
No charge.
Michael Hansen
If you want to do this i need the tires by thursday night. we are leaving at 0900hrs friday morning.
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michael Hansen
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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