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Need two gently used stock tires in San Antonio area.

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I'm kinda in a bind right now, and can't really Afford 400$. I need two of the Goodyear wrangler SA-R 265/70-18. If anyone has a decent pair for reasonable, that would be great.
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Yeah, I could use that one, and my spare. But I think I only have about a week or two left on these. It seems like a month ago, they were decent.
Those do look better than the stock one's even new. I'll definately keep those in mind. That trip to houston might turn these to shreds, not to mention, the drive would cost as much as one new tire. They wore in the back the same way yours did, only I didn't check on it in time.
I have 2 that have great tread, and 2 not so great, but i gotta sell all 4 :/
Yeah, shipping would cost a grip, too.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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