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Need two gently used stock tires in San Antonio area.

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I'm kinda in a bind right now, and can't really Afford 400$. I need two of the Goodyear wrangler SA-R 265/70-18. If anyone has a decent pair for reasonable, that would be great.
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i have one, and i also have 2 bfgoodwrench that are almost brand new. but im in houston, and im not shipping them... I will be headed to somerville memorial weekend if you can wait that long. it may be closer for you.
the one i have is pretty low. it was the best one on my truck when i got new ones. but should last a little while if you dont drive to much.

the bfg's are way better. i would prefer you get them. even though they wont match.

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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