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Needing electrical help

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Hey guys I have a 05 xe 4x2 and last night I had a buddy following me and said my tail lights weren't on. Upon further examination it has the following symptoms

Headlights or running lights on: brake lights don't work at all third brake light stays on all the time like I'm riding the brakes.

Headlights and running lights off: brake lights work normally front turn signals dimly light up with the brake lights when the brake is pressed. brake lights are really dim to.

Turn signals work fine and so do the reverse and license plate lights...I chased the tail light and front turn signal wires front to back, all through the engine even up under the dash and didn't see anything damaged or anything that would cause problems. As far as I know This just started last night with no warning. I haven't done anything to the wiring or changed anything either. If I could get any ideas or possibilities as to what could be wrong or what to check that I might of missed I'd be forever grateful lol thanks in advance y'all
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I know some electrical problems have stemmed from a melted wire harness behind the muffler caused by the tailpipe rotting off. Just something to check.
I've heard alot about that flange and surprisingly it's in great shape with no rust or anything.
Have a tow hitch on the rear? I'd take a look at that for damage.
I checked the trailer harness and all of that looks good...I forgot to check to see if the tail lights are even getting power when the running lights are on I'll do that tomorrow
I went out and tested the sockets and I'm getting power to both sockets with the lights on but when I removed both bulbs the third brake light went off so I went and bought new bulbs. When I got home and installed the new bulbs I got the same results but this time I figured out the turn signals won't light up unless both bulbs are in the sockets in the rear...could I have bad sockets?
Doubt it. You have a bad ground or two wires melted together.
I was hoping it'd be easier than that lol if I can't track something down I'll probably end up taking to someone that knows a little more about wiring
Yeah I just keep forgetting to post lol... I ended up taking it somewhere and the guy tapped a few things in the driver tail light with a test light and said it was a bad ground. He fixed it by making a new ground and was out the door within 30 minutes (I would've done the same thing instead of spending hours tracking everything). I feel kinda dumb that it was the only thing I didn't check and it was something so small but my T is working as it should and back on the road.
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