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New '08 delivery on Friday

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Hi all,
Just wanted to share the great news. My new Titan is coming home on Friday. It's a Desert Stone LE CC Long Bed.

First thing is the K&N CAI is going from my 05 to the 08 and the Service Manager said he had no problem making the timing advance. He said he usually goes 3 degrees. I hope he doesn't run into any problems as the other thread about this topic suggests. I also want to get one of the new 3M bug guards before I get any chips. Not sure where to go for it but I figured I'd ask around the tint shop and maybe Max RPM here in Bremerton.

Since JBA and Banks aren't making the Cat back exhaust for the longbed yet I decided to go with a custom setup. I ordered an Aero big tank 248 with an internal x-pipe and some nice tips. Hopefully I will be able to have them exit in front of the passenger side rear tire.

As soon as I get enough posts I'll put up a picture of her.


man I cant wait..
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Congrats!! Enjoy your new Titan. I have sat in the '08 and they are really nice.
Did you buy from Advantage Nissan in Bremerton? Are they still offering invoice on there trucks? I am thinking of doing the same! I would like to trade/sell my 05 crew cab and go with an 08. You picked out the same package and color I am thinking of! Good choice!!
Yep. Advantage. It's the best car dealer I've ever dealt with. I'll let you know what I finally end up paying for it. I special ordered this one back in August. It's been a hard wait. I drove by and peeked in the windows today and noticed that mine has the wood trim and even a crome tailgate accent. It looks real sharp but I wasn't expecting all that elegance. I am landscaping out if it after all. We always get the LE because leather lasts so much better under the abuse that we put it through. Grass stains and wet rain gear all the time.

Anyway, we have had lots of problems with the 05 and they were always like, give her everything you can put her through. We want to see how durable it is. I'm sure that they use us an an example when they are selling Titans. Not to go on and on but they have always made sure there was a decent truck for us to use when ours was in for service so that our schedule doesn't get screwed up.

I hope the 08 has less problems.

Nice to meet another member from the Puget Sound Bugger.

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Congrats man. I picked mine up about a month ago. I love it. My interior is all black and even the seats. It's freaking alot better to me.
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