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New 08 SE, CC, 4x4, LWB

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Just picked up my new 08 SE, CC, 4x4, LWB today. So, now I'm an official member of the Titan community. I'm upgrading from an 02 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4x4. The Dak has been a great truck, but it's just getting too small. The Titan fits the bill perfectly. The only other choice was an F-150 SuperCrew long bed, but the Titan offered more bang for the buck. The $5K rebates didn't hurt either!

So, now it's onto the mods. First up, is step bars or running boards. Second, will be a fiberglass cap, when they become available. Gotta find some good winter floor mats. Can anyone recommend a good site for Titan parts and accessories? Thanks.
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Welcome to TT and congratulations, I've the same one in white. Mine came with the side steps, only thing that I've upgraded so far is OEM Fog lamp kit. I bought from the dealer for $199 but you can buy thru here for $169.
I've got almost the same truck in Radiant silver. No mods yet but i see a lift, tires and fiberglass topper in my future.

Anyway, welcome from one new guy to another.
Congrats on the CC. Enjoy your larger fuel tank... that's one thing I wish I had with my KC.
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