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New A/V System Advice

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Alright, I'm looking to replace my factory system (no nav) with a double DIN setup. I've been researching this for a while but I'm looking for advice on the best setup for the Titan.

Obviously, since I'm going to a new system I'll need a new 'dash kit'. Any advice on which one is the best? I've heard that some of them don't fit "flush" with the rest of the dash and with some of them, the receiver sticks out.

I've looked at these two-

(1) Metra 99-7406 Single DIN/Double DIN Installation Kit for 2004-2006 Nissan Titan and Armada Vehicles without Climate Controls (Gray): Electronics
(2) Metra 95-7406 Double DIN Installation Dash Kit for 2004-2007 Nissan Titan and 2004-2005 Nissan Armada (Silver): Electronics

What is the difference? One says "for vehicles without Climate Controls" but the other one looks exactly the same; and one is $20 less than the other one.

Second, the actual receiver. I want my steering wheel controls to continue to work and I'm assuming that I'll have to get

I've been looking at this receiver specifically- Pioneer AVIC-X920BT 6.1-Inch In-Dash Double-Din Navigation A/V Receiver with DVD Playback, Built-In Bluetooth and Widescreen Display: Electronics

I've never done a car install and am kind of hesitant with all the pictures I've seen of the behind the dash. For those of you with little A/V experience how hard was the install? Would you recommend going to a A/V installer such as Best Buy or a local shop?

This forum has been awesome to read, now looking to get some help of my own! Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.