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Adam's Polishes - Adam's GREEN Clean PowerStick with 16oz Green Wheel Cleaner[/COLOR]

Now you can clean the inside of your high-performance wheels and rims without cutting up your hands or spending hours to complete the job. The Adam's GREEN Clean PowerStick by Ace is the fast and easy solution.

Let's face it, cleaning the face of your sport wheels or rims is the easy part. What about the spokes and the inside of the rim? If you leave these areas un-cleaned your wheels look nasty. If you take the time to clean them right, you can spend up to 15 to 30 minutes per wheel to do it right (especially if you have a really deep rims and monster brakes!). We've got the solution!

The Adam's GREEN Clean PowerStick by Ace is the most innovative wheel cleaning tool ever invented. Plus, it's every guys dream... it works with one of your power tools! Connect the PowerStick to your cordless drill and let it do all the hard work. It does an amazing job, and it can't harm your wheels!

Years of research were spent identifying and testing the optimum components for the PowerStick. Even more time was spent finding the perfect size to clean any wheel, regardless of the space between your wheel and the brake components. The PowerStick's patent pending design easily cleans all of the areas of your wheel where your hands can not reach.

As if being the perfect wheel cleaner was not enough, the PowerStick is also handy under the hood! Use your PowerStick with Adam's All-Purpose Cleaner to clean all of those hard to reach areas in your engine compartment. If you like to show your car, the PowerStick is also the best tool to reach suspension components and other hard to reach areas. What a time saver! (Drill not included)

SUPER BONUS INCLUDED! For a limited time, Adam's includes our 16 oz. bottle of Adam's GREEN Wheel Cleaner with your PowerStick purchase. This is the perfect cleaner to get the grunge out. At the same time, Adam's GREEN Wheel Cleaner is eco-friendly and super safe. We guarantee you've never tried a cleaner this safe (for you or your car) and effective.

Adam's GREEN Wheel Cleaner contains no butyl or petroleum distillates! Plus, our new GREEN Wheel Cleaner biodegrades 98% in less than 24 hours, protecting our surface waters from polluted storm drain runoff.

Adam's GREEN Wheel Cleaner is a 100% water-based cleaner! It contains no no petroleum distillates, no acids, and no butyl of any kind. It is 100% safe for use on tires and all wheel finishes including polished aluminum and clear coats. When used with the PowerStick, Adam's GREEN Wheel Cleaner quickly and safely removes all dirt, road oils, and brake dust without harming you wheels, the environment or you! This is a perfect match, and it's only available from Adam's Polishes!

Price: $49.95

Don't forget to use discount code folger for all purhcases made for 10% off​
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