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NEW and OLD Titan

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4 Weeks ago, was T-boned and rolled my 04 LE Crew(Totaled) Friday I picked up my new SE crew(Love It). The titan is tough, the accident didnt even break my windows. Mercedes vs Titan = Titan Wins. Every airbag in the other car blew, the motor shot out of the bottom and they bounced back about 20ft. Everyone is fine, that's why I bought another titan.

Let me know what you think


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That's awesome to hear (Not that your truck got totaled, but that everyone was ok). I can't believe that the windows didn't even break :huh: So the engine fell out the bottom of the Mercedes? I always thought those things were bomb proof when it came to safety. Anywho, glad to hear you (along with everyone else) are alright and driving a Titan once again.:cheers:
Glad everyones okay, thats the main thing. Titan's sure are awsome in safety, looks like you made the right choice. What year is the new one?

look @ the first pic and you can see that the windows are intact. :teeth:

The car was an ML320(SUV) If they were in a different car it would have been much worse(for them).

thanks again.
04 SE smoke
Big tow package
Crew cab
Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover
factory bed system
westin running boards
headrest DVD screens (pioneer)

All the bells and whistles, just no leather or rockford stereo.
Nice, you get to keep any of the aftermarket stuff you put on the old truck?
yea, my insurance company said that I could get the Grills, fender chrome, intake and I can even cut off the dual exhaust. I think I will leave the exhaust and put on a new single pipe Borla high flow system.
Glad to hear you're ok. That's a good photo showing the Titan's belly!
Right on, good you can get back something from it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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