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new auxiliary lighting idea

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Interesting, but I just don't see how they could be that bright. Unless if is a perfect fit against the windsheild than it would blind you inside the car. Neat idea at minimum.
Looking at the pictures it does sit flush against the windhield. The descroption says it has adjustment knobs so you have to presume thats how you get it to sit flush. plus its HID so its gonne be bloody bright, especially without any sort of cutoff shield
There is no way to eliminate glare onto the glass.. just no way. Go sit inside a vehicle with in inside strobes/flashers and you will see what i mean. A good way to help that is to literally gasket seal between the light enclosure and window. But then again.... meh..

theoretically you can get similar results by putting hids in your high beams or projectors in your fogs (with no cutoff). This light is nothing more than a bulb with a reflector that has no cut off. The photos are misleading and they show the low beam, not the high beam in the comparison shot!

I call shenaningans.
Interesting... I'm skeptical too, but it's interesting.....
Thats kinda crazy......might be good on those bloody foggy streets in the UK where its built. If it's HID i assume it will have that annoying whine to it as well??? Not good in the cab. Heat output too.........hmmmm. Pass.....go fish.
Seems like a good idea, wondering on the pricing. gave em my info for when they become available. Should be good for the dark backroads of MS.
The only area I see being an issue is interior heat. Especially as the heat collects on the windhield and spreads it would turn into a big hot box but Inside glare? Like you said if theres a good seal between light and window then its all good. Think in terms of the rear mounted brake lights in passenger cars. My old integra had a brake light sitting in a box the same shape as the light housing in the picture and you never even saw a hint of light when you hit the brakes. Besides you cant match that with hid's in your hi beams. Since they are in the UK they're more then likely marketing this for sedan size cars. Not jacked up trucks. The hi placement of the lights throws the light further out then any hi beam can. You could aim up your high's but then you throw off the aim of your low beams. This would be the closest thing to having roof mounted light bar. The potentials there, its just the final execution of the idea thats still suspect.
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If they work as good as they say, they will be very expensive.
these remind me of the colored lights truckers put behind their windshields in the upper corners. they server no purpose but i suppose they look cool on a dark highway at night...

plus you'll have to wire it with a switch which means you'll have to take out the headliner and probably an A pillar to hide the wiring..
no switch. they're suppose to be tied into the hi beams but automatically turn off when oncoming traffic approaches. Jesus I sound like I have a personal stake in these damn things. I need to stop.
Street legal in the US? Doubt it.
Hmm, seems to me that the cops will have another new annoying toy with which they can blind the hell out of everyone on the road.
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