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New Exaust?

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Looking For New Exaust For My 04 Titan. I Want Good Sound Plus Performance . Any Good Ideas? Whats Best And Where To Go?
Thanks, Roger
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Magnaflow cat-back
I just ordered a Stillen dual rear exit. I looked around quite a bit. I like the look of a rear exit. Everybody had a different opinion on what is best, that just makes sense, everybody has different likes. I wanted a rear dual exit with no power loss, no droan issues, and quiet unitl you punch it. I had been looking at a single side exit magnaflow but backorder issues and my desire for a dual rear exit tossed that one out. I am hoping I made the right choice, I'll let you know after I put it on.
Dang it all! That's a great price on that JBA. Only problem is I'm not sure that I can lay out the cash right now and that clearance sale will probably end pretty soon....
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