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New exhaust but i have questions.

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hello all, im new to the forums and im coming from a 2005 pontiac gto. i got the titan last week and already put exhaust on it. ive done some searching because i didnt want to get flamed before i asked these questions but i couldnt find anything incredibly clear. basically i am looking to know if i did the right thing in general with my exhaust setup. i know peoples opinions will differ. i kept the y pipe configuration but made it 2.5 inch piping going into a single inlet muffler wiith a single outlet with 3 inch piping after the muffler. does this sound like an ok setup? pros cons?
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I think the best is 2.25 pipes after the cats going into the muffler. Check Toomnymods, his JBA is 2.25 pipes and seems to produce good numbers.
thankyou for the reply :). i dont think i went terribly wrong with 2.5 inch to 3 out, just wanted to make sure it wasnt unheard of or anything. it feels like i got a decent gain out of it and im pleased, i was just looking for a little reassurance that the setup was fairly decent...thanks again.
I think that is a pretty good set up. Now go get an aftermarket CAI.
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