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I ordered the exhaust pipes from Dr Gas to finish my system today. I was originally going to do equal length Y piping but settled for mandrel bent pipes of the current configuration. I just didn't feel like the gains would be worth the additional expense of the equal length pipes.
I ordered the Dr Gas 90 degree Y collector and a 90 degree mandrel bend and I will have the other minor bends fit upon installation. Dr Gas is getting ready for the Nascar season right now with their new 4" piping rules but they may be able to weld mine up in time to get it installed before the next Truck Wars takes place Feb 24th.
I am really impressed with their customer service and like Swain Tech, they have high dollar accounts to take care of with all the Nascar series guys but still made time to talk to me about my measly 200.00 order. They also have very interesting Spintech mufflers for anyone not willing to follow the rest of the heard and settle for a run of the mill system. If I ever redo my entire exhaust system, I will have custom pipes made and use the Spintech mufflers.
With the minor changes I am making now, I should end up with a smooth higher pitched exhaust note like the Nascar vehicles and the system will yield slightly more HP.
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