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New Flowmaster Mufflers finally installed! It sounds B.A.

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So it has been probably 2 months since I blew out my Magnflow catback dual mufflers. I have been struggling like the rest of the country so I have been driving it with the worlds worst exhaust leak.

Both mufflers were flapping metal hanging out like crazy. I mean woah, it was embarrassing. I bought my truck used and it had Magnaflow catback dual exhaust already. Who ever installed it was a retard because it was done very poorly. It looks like they welding it up crooked and then used pole jacks to "straighten" it and then welded the hangers in place. They also welded the hangers right to the bottom of the frame. Not a nice install.

But now I have had it fixed. I ordered 2 new Flowmaster 40 series mufflers on eBay and I got them for only $55.00 each. I brought it to my local Flowmaster exhaust shop and they hooked it up for $100.00. It sounds incredible. It has a loud ripping sound up in the high revs. The low rpm's make a rumble and sounds like a growl when increasing rpm's. I have always loved that original Flowmaster sound and all of their mufflers. I was worried the exhaust may be too loud on the interior. It is nice and quite inside unless I am on the throttle. Outside is a different story. This thing is a monster now. It roars like a hot rod. So much better sound than the Magnaflows. It is loud but I do not think it is too loud. I love it. :luveyes:
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i have dual flowmasters and i am thinking about have an X-pipe installed; dropping both and replacing with a dual in dual out 70series or dropping everything and going with the JBA catback. i feel i have lost to much low end and i don't like being jumped off the line.
Soooo...sound clips??
I do not have a good way of recording it. The best i can think of is my cell phone but that will sound like crap. I'll see what I can do.
I love mine !!!!!!!!
CAI - TBS - 2* advance will bring back the low end plus some......
Good luck...
You didn't try to get the Magnaflows warranted? I think they come with a lifetime guarantee. Although you may have been SOL because of the junk installation. Still you could try and sell the system if they do give you new ones!
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