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New Front Differential Issue

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Long story short ... 2008 Titan 4x4 w/o modifications that I've owned since new. Front differential bearing (drivers side) went out at just under 77000. Ordered a new front diff from Courtesy Parts in Texas. In shipping by UPS diff was flipped upside down, drained of all fluid and appears cracked. Sent pictures to the dealer and UPS ... dealer says they don't believe it's cracked but an issue with the casting of the housing. I say it was either damaged in shipment or Nissan OEM replacement parts are very poor quality. Anyone else replaced their diff and seen anything like this??
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Pics since they didn't seem to attach as links ...


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Apparently I'm not doing something right ... I attached images and can see them but others can't.
Differential bearing was making a grinding noise and has lots of play, up, down in and out ... bearing is definitely bad. Mag plug had metal shavings.
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Thanks Lubecakes ... if it wasn't dropped by UPS and cracked it sure is one ugly factory Nissan part. If I'd have known it was going to drag on like this I'd have gotten the bearing kit and had a drive line shop rebuild the old one.
We can see them. It looks like a mess but I'm sure it's normal. Casting isn't pretty, but cheap for manufacturing and it works. Can you compare to the old one? Or did you already turn it in for core?

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The old one (the original) is fine and look nothing like this ... there was no core charge and I keep the original. What gets me if it's a casting issue shouldn't the entire unit look crazed and not just the shaft housing to the passenger side?? The rest of the unit looks fine it's just that shaft housing.
Thanks for the input guys ... a tad over $1500 plus shipping (mine is the "B" differential since it has the tow package so yeah not exactly cheap). UPS got with the shipper yesterday so by COB today I'm supposed to hear from them. Worst case I shove the old one back in to get it off my lift and out of the way and I'll make a run to a dealer in Reno, Salt Lake or Twin Falls and get one in person next days off.

Thanks again ...
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