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New guy from OK

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New to this site and so far it's been very helpful and soothed a few concerns of had with my titan. I have had ford, dodge, Chevy and now nissan ford man to the core but I love this titan minus the fuel mileage but it is tuff and reliable!

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Welcome. Truck looks good. I've never understood the gas mileage thing. Unless your a lead foot, any 2 wheel drive Titan is going to get around 14.5 mpg. That's generally what all full size pick ups are going to get. I have a 2010 HMC CC 2 wheel drive. I get 14.5 mpg. All city driving. I run 93 octane, because of my mods.
Nice truck! Welcome to the group!
I get right at 12 in town 15 if I go to town a few times. Best of got is about 16.5. It's normal for a 4x4 truck I know. My boost was getting 19 so I tend to miss that hahaha

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Welcome to the club from Cajun Bpipes! We have seen 4wd get up to 18 on the hwy but after all this is a 5.6 V8 and 5500lbs. My 05 2wd has got 21.1 hwy and averages 15 in town.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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