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New guy here, 2017 winch bumper

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Just bought the wife a 2017 Titan and would like to put a winch bumper on it. Not seeing many options, you guys know of any? Names, pics, links would be much appreciated. Thanks
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I say winch bumper but don't necessarily need a winch mount, just want a beefy bumper that will save the truck when she hits a deer or whatever she runs over. The Fab Four bumpers are hideous and overpriced. The Marshall bumper is the look I'm going for, emailed them requesting more pics and info on it.
Road Armor doesn't show anything for a Nissan and Iron Cross doesn't have anything listed for the 16-17, I emailed both
Having no luck finding a bumper that looks even decent. Can't seem to find a grillguard either, anyone know of any?
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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