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New guy - New to me truck

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Hello everyone! I will be picking up my 2006 Titan LE tomorrow, and came here looking for ideas and problems I might need to watch out for. We plan to use the Titan as our tow vehicle for our small camper (Casita) primarily. Even though it is 11 years old, it only has 35000 miles on it. We look forward to having this truck for 10 years or more, and seeing the country in it.

I have found the Casita forums to be a wealth of knowledge, and look forward to exploring this one.
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You'll wanna look into a rear axle vent mod right away, 1st generation Titans have a nasty habit of blowing axle seals because of a blocked vent. Tons of info on it around the forum.

You'll also want to replace the emergency brake shoes. The factory shoes de-laminate over time, and then destroy the abs axle ring and sensor. Have to remove axle to repair, very expensive fix.

The radiator caps more often then not fail every few years, if you notice any dried coolant around the cap its time to replace it.

Inspect the transmission lines where they connect to the radiator, more than a few reports of the lines either popping off or splitting at that connection.

Welcome to the forum!
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