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New Head Unit

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Getting ready to purchase a new head unit for my '04 CC LE. I have the RF system. Will I be able to utilize the factory setup? Amp, sub etc. Thanks.
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I have the same question as this gentleman. What kind of additional things are we gonna need. I know we will need the head unit, the wire harness adapter, new faceplate with trim ring, and an antenna adapter. But will we also need the premium sound system wire harness adapter, the steering wheel control adapter (if wanted) and the RF amp adapter? Any help is appreciated. Thanks you.
You will be able to keep the factory setup.
I ordered my kenwood 9960 from sonic electronics, they gave me the proper wiring harnesses and trim piece to get it working. Just make sure you let them know you have the RF system. You will also need Axxess ASWC Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface
to keep the steering wheel controls
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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