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Wiring issue - need help

So I am installing the Spec D headlights and all is going well until I am tracing the hot lead (red wire with yellow tracer) and I ran a jumper wire from that to tie into the head light unit, then I accidentally touched the lead to the chrome bumper and I it grounded out. I did hear a little noise when it touched the bumper and sparked. Now I dont have power to the wire and this side headlights don't work, but the other side headlights stil work?? I checked fuses and cannot find the headlight specific fuse, but all the fuses I checked all look ok. How is it that one side of headlights work but the other do not? They should be on the same fuse? Any thoughts or sugeestiosn are welcomed

This is on a 2011 Titan SL

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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