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new here from louisiana

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well this isn't my first post, just figured i'd do a intro, not even sure this is the proper section, i didn't see a new member intro. anywho, this is my first titan, first truck really. i was never really a truck person, and the only truck i ever liked was the titan. but im not new to nissan, love nissan vehicles i've owned a 92 twinturbo 300zx, my fav car. but had to sell costing me a lot of money. anyway i'm 21 from plaquemine, about 10 min. from baton rouge still in college yay, going for process technician should be graduating over the summer. anywho i'll stop rambling is some pics of my truck, hopefully i'll get to meet some of you at the cajun meet in laf.

2008 LE Nissan Titan 4x4 (mods in sig)

sorry i suck at trying to take cool pics :/
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nobody <3's me :(
nice baby looking looking know they have a car show this weekend at the Louisiana Superdome.I'm going;they going to have that guy from unique whips there
Nice looking Titan, and welcome to TT :cheers:
colby said:
nobody <3's me :(
I'm assuming you're in BR?
Nice lookin rig you got there. Let the modding begin!
Welcome! There is supposed to be a meet in Lafayette soon. You should try to come to it.
matthews said:
I'm assuming you're in BR?
ya brcc parking garage is where the pics were taken :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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