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2006 Nissan Titan SE
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Hey everybody, I've been following TitanTalk for quite a while now and decided to finally make a post. Forums already posted have helped me tremendously so I thank you all for that!
Just wanted to post a bit about my truck to see what you all think. If you have any questions about what I installed or if you have any advice for future projects let me know! I'm trying to keep this truck for a while so a lot of maintenance and replacements since purchase.

Purchased the truck in June of 2019 with 84,647 miles. 2006 Titan SE. Oil changes every 8k. I have done all the work myself.

Since then:

6/19 84k miles- Replaced 2 TPMS, Tailgate Lift Support, Front Brake Pads and Rotors, Right Rear Oxygen Sensor, Hood Shocks

12/19 92k miles- Replaced Differential oil. Broke down on freeway after the ECM Relay went out, got that replaced

4/20 97k miles- Replaced tires for BF Goodrich T/A KO2 315 70/r17

5/20 98k miles- Replaced Upper/Lower Ball Joints, Inner/Outer Tie Rods, Drive Belt, Driveshaft Support Bearing, Front Wheel Alignment (1 year plan)

7/20- Replaced Windshield (damn dump trucks), Installed Axle Vent

10/20 100k miles- Replaced Headers and Catalytic Converters, 2 PCV Valves, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Ground Cable Terminal, Transmission Extension Housing Seal

2/21 103k miles- Replaced Strut/Shock, Strut mount, Sway Bar Bushings, Grill, Windshield Washer Nozzles and Wipers, Rear Passenger Window Motor. Installed Fog Lights and LED Bar, Side Steps, Headlights

2/21 105k miles- Replaced Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat, Wheel Center Caps, Headlight Trim. Flushed Coolant and Transmission Oil. Installed External Transmission Cooler

Here are some adventure pictures




Here are the most recent pictures


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Welcome to TT!

That's a nice looking truck too. Also looks like it's had just about ALL the maintenance updates you can think of on it as well. haha

Nice work! 😎🤙

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Nice looking ride!
That looks suspiciously like some places in Utah...

2006 Nissan Titan SE
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Thank you all for the kind words!

Nice looking ride!
That looks suspiciously like some places in Utah...
Not Utah, but a trip there is on the bucket list! Most of those pictures are in Southern California and one of them (with the puddle in the background) was in outskirts of the Grand Canyon!

2006 Nissan Titan SE
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Really good looking truck! Nice work on it. How have the spyder lights worked out for you? I have been looking at the spyder vs the spec-d lights that are similar try to decide which are better quality?
Thank you! Spyder lights have been great so far. I did replace the bulbs for LED ones and they have a great pattern/spread. I have heard about the white bar going out on them within a few weeks but I haven't encountered that problem. The only problem I had with them is that they didn't fit snugly, so I had to get weather stripping and line the edges of the headlight so they would fit well with the body panel.
Honestly, in terms of looks, I prefer the Spec-D. However at the time I was buying them, they were backordered for 1-2 months. I wanted to get rid of my broken headlights ASAP so I bit the bullet and went with the Spyder. If I were you, I'd go Spec-D as they are in stock right now.

2006 Nissan Titan SE
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Hey everyone! I figured I would do a quick update since I have changed a few things since the last post. I removed the list in the original post so that I could include all the new parts and remove those that I am no longer using.
Since the last post at 105k miles.

03/21 105k miles- Replaced Battery, Starter, Intake Manifold Gasket

04/21 106k miles- Replaced Front/Rear Rotor and Brake Pads, Front Wheel Bearings, Lug Nuts, Installed Oil Catch Can

05/21 107k miles- Replaced Upper Control Arms, Rear Shocks, Installed Truetrac Differential

08/21 108k miles- Replaced Front Shocks, Positive Battery Terminal, Blower Motor, Front Speakers and Tweeters

Current parts:
  • Air
    • FEL-PRO Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Brake
    • POWERSTOP Severe Duty Rotor and Pads
  • Cooling
    • CSF Aluminum Radiator
    • HITACHI Water Pump
    • STANT Thermostat
  • Driveshaft/Differential
    • SKF Drive Shaft Center Support
    • YUKON GEAR Master Overhaul Kit
    • EATON TRUETRAC Differential
  • Electrical
    • NAPA The Legend AGM Battery
  • Engine
    • BOSCH Starter
    • GATES Belt
    • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Exhaust
    • JBA Headers and Cats
  • Exterior
    • EAG Grill
    • EAG Side Step
    • SPYDER Headlights
  • Suspension
    • CJD Uniball Upper Control Arm
    • FOX Rear Shocks
    • MOOG Lower Ball Joints
    • RADFLO Coilover with External Reservoir
  • Steering
    • MOOG Inner/Outer Tie Rods
  • Tires
    • BF GOODRICH T/A KO2 315 70r17
  • Transmission
    • PIONEER Extension Housing Seal
    • TRU COOL Transmission Cooler
  • Wheel Hub
    • MOOG Wheel Hub and Bearing
Here are some more pictures
Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Mountain

By far the best upgrade has been the Radflo Coilovers. Tremendous improvement both on and off road. I had the Rough Country 6 inch strut and I do not recommend that one at all, they were horrible for the several months, few thousand miles I used them.
Light Coil spring Suspension Coil Shock absorber

The PowerStop brake pads and rotors provide a noticeable improvement in braking power, particularly while carrying a heavy load down a mountain road. The new control arms allow for more articulation and there is no longer contact with the coil bucket.
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

The old shocks were blown so the Fox Shocks felt amazing
Line Air gun Audio equipment Office supplies Metal

Here is the TrueTrac Differential by Eaton. This truck is not a 4x4, so I need both rear wheels to actually spin when I am off-roading. I have not gotten stuck since the install.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs

Someone asked to see my CB Radio. My dashboard was in pieces so I used plastic putty to put it back together, cut out the hole for the CB, sanded and painted it. It is not perfect, but it works.
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel
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